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Relocating to Ellensburg? We've got some tips for you.

Kittitas Valley Realty wants to help simplify the process with these steps:

Getting ready to move?

Relocating can be a hassle, and it’s hard to keep track of everything you need to do. To help, we’ve created a list of your most important steps before, during, and after the moving process. Use the tips and resources below to simplify your transition, and maintain peace of mind during your upcoming move to Ellensburg, Cle Elum or Roslyn, Washington. Before you know it, you'll be putting out the welcome mat to your new home.

Before the move…

Get organized. First, it’s a good idea to start a "move file" for yourself. Create a fresh folder just for your move, and make sure to name or label files clearly. This will be a lifesaver in the long run! Keep all of your estimates, receipts and other notes from your move in this folder–you may be able to deduct your move and save on taxes, so check with the IRS to see what expenses can be deducted on your next tax return.

Research your new community. The local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to find information about your new home. You’ll also want to research schools, and get utilities set up. Check out these links to get prepared:

City Government

Heath Care

Chambers of Commerce

Stay Healthy. Transfer your medical records to a clinic in the area as soon as you can–getting this out of the way means that there’s one less thing to do the day of the big move. Gather your medical and dental records, including prescriptions and shot records. You might also ask your existing doctors for referrals to care providers in the Ellensburg area.

Prepare your children. Arrange to have school records transferred to your children's new school district and/or daycare (see school links above). Make sure to involve your children in each step of the moving process, from dreaming about their new home to packing up toys. Relocating can be a "scary" adventure, so talk with your family about the move, and make it exciting. Show them pictures, or visit the new community if you can, and discuss how they–and you–can make new friends. Let them help research local activities, and perhaps plan on a fun outing once you’re settled.

Budget for moving expenses. Start saving up money as early as possible, to avoid budgeting headaches during the move. Create a spreadsheet or other document and list all move-related expenses, including some extra for the unexpected, and save this in your ‘move file.’ Be realistic, keep track of spending, and update your budget periodically with any changes to stay current.

Close or transfer accounts.
• Contact utility companies to disconnect, transfer or connect services. Plan on keeping current services through your move date and having new ones available prior to your move-in date, to avoid gaps in service.
• Return library books, and pick up dry cleaning or items out for repair.
• Call your local newspaper and set a date to cancel your subscription.
• Call your insurance agent to see what changes to expect in your policies. Ask if moving is covered and arrange for insurance for your new home.
• Contact health clubs or other organizations to which you belong. Ask how you can end, sell or transfer your membership.
• Contact your bank and/or credit union to transfer or close accounts. Clear out safety deposit boxes. Pick up traveler's checks or cash for "on the road" expenses.

Keep in touch. File a change of address. If you don't know what your new address will be, ask the postal service to hold your mail in their office in your new city. Make a list of friends, relatives and businesses that will need to know of your move and send your new address to them as soon as possible. Postal forwarding time is limited.

Take inventory.
• Decide what items need to go before your move and plan a yard sale or contact your local charities. If you donate, be sure to get a receipt for income tax purposes.
• Make a list of things that are valuable or difficult to replace. Ship these items by certified mail or carry them with you.

Clean the house.
• Start collecting boxes and other packing supplies at least a month before your move.
• Use up things that can't be moved, such as frozen foods, bleach and aerosol cleaners.
• Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons.
• Drain all gas and oil from your mower and other motors. Gas grills, kerosene heaters, etc. must be emptied as well.
• Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving day.

Reserve your moving truck. Do this at least a few weeks before your move. If you need a ramp or other loading equipment, make reservations with a local equipment-rental yard.

Be prepared. As moving day gets closer, finish packing and prepare a travel box with the essentials. Keep these items handy, preferably in your automobile. Don't forget to include extra clothing, toiletries and snacks for the kids. Other things to consider are:

Finish up. Before leaving your old home, check every room, closet and cabinet, as well as the yard and garage, one last time. Make sure everything is loaded. Leave a note with your new address in the house so future occupants can forward any stray mail.

After the move…

Get connected. Check to see if your mail is making it to your new address or pick up any mail being held.
Fill out the paperwork. Get a new driver's license and new tags for your automobile. And don't forget to register to vote. In many states, you can do this when you get your new license.
Make yourself at home. The final step to relocating is to enjoy your new home! As you unpack, you might focus on creating one peaceful space in your home first, as a central ‘base’ until the boxes are cleared. Give yourself breaks as you organize, and don’t forget good meals! Now that you’re settled in, you’re ready to make memories in your new home and community.


We hope this list has been helpful, and we look forward to finding you the perfect home here in the Ellensburg, Cle Elum or Roslyn area! Contact us today for more information, or if you have any questions.